The systematization of the technological process of recycling organic wastes with the help of Blockchain
- Token EXT is able to grow at the expense of natural processes.
About the project
EXTRACT is a project which combines a modern technology blockchain and a worm that is the most ancient inhabitant of the Earth. The project aims at the development of natural farming and the restoration of soil resources.

EXTRACT allows creating the modern complexes for recycling organic wastes which accelerate natural processes in 10 times.
The final product of the EXTRACT project will be vermicompost and products on its basis for the revegetation and gardening. Apart from that, worm biomass will be produced for wide use (food additives, pharmacy, cosmetology and etc.)

EXTRACT tokens will have the guaranteeing commodity collateral due to the Raw Stock Bank.
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The main advantages of the industry solutions
The technology is based on natural processes. Development of modern technologies is greatly focused on exploitation and withdrawal of resources our planet is rich in, but few people think and bring to life projects of restoration of natural resources.

Prospects for growth
High degree of production scaling. Worm biomass processing potential is underestimated. Development program stipulates scientific research in application of worm protein biomass enriched in huge number of amino acids in different fields.
Natural products with high margins. Due to legislative restrictions of some countries on transfer of organic fertilizers the EXTRACT project has a developed initial scheme of industrial facilities allocation in countries with high development potential.
Ready-made programs for land reclamation. Volume of fertilizers produced by earthworms far exceeds the total volume of fertilizers manufactured in chemical plants. Our purpose is to create a unique product being the ground of all flesh.
Restoration of territories after disasters. Few people think over the world ecological situation, impact of enterprises, ecological cataclisms, causing erosion of soil covering. Worms do not inhabit those territories, making impossible natural recovery of soils.
Possibility of landscaping of desert territories. Making use of natural recourses people have no thought of the possible heritage for their descendants… Development of technologies is focused on exploitation and withdrawal of resources of our planet.
A new approach to quality control with the help of the latest technologies. We will standardize the agricultural producers market and introduce the official register of certified suppliers of ecologically –friendly agricultural products based on the data of fertilizer used in growing of plants.
Formation of a community interested in a healthy lifestyle. The EXTRACT project program development includes advertising of natural farming and healthy life style. Project system will have an internal market of regional suppliers and consumers.
Creation of the Raw Stock Bank. It is a completely new system of resource accumulation and storage, making possible use of accumulated volumes of Vermicompost at any time for fertility recovery of lands suitable for growing of agricultural products to satisty the population needs..

Spheres, in which EXTRACT
application will be found
Soil mixture production
Forest management
Recultivation of soil
Production of feed additives
Flower gardening
Greenhouse facilities
Organic farming
Beauty therapy
Production ofbiological food additives
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